Year 2 Monet - Funky Fingers

Peg the numbers

All you will need for this activity is: - Paper or card (this will probably be better) - Clothes pegs Write the numbers 1 - 10 on the pieces of paper/card. Clip on the number of pegs onto the pieces of card using your thumb and index finger.

Fine Motor Fun with pennies or Lego

All you will need for this activity is: - Piece of paper - Counters, Lego or pennies Draw a squiggle and/or a mountain shape on your paper and using you thumb and index finger, pick up your counters or Lego and place them on your line. Continue all the way from one end to the other.

Join the coloured dots

All you will need for this activity is: - Piece of paper - Coloured pens or pencils Use your pens to join up your dots. For example: use your yellow pen to join up all the yellow dots, and use your green pen to join up all the green dots. Have fun!

Pick a piece of pasta game

Ask your grown up if you may borrow a cup or container, a clothes peg and some pasta. Get those fingers moving and see how much pasta you can get in to your cup. Race against the clock or someone at home. Have fun!

Funky Fingers - handwriting exercises

This is a video I made for my Year 4 Funky Fingers group, but you can try these warm up exercises too! They’re great for your arms, hands and fingers.

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Year 4 Funky Fingers - fine motor skills activities

Funky Fingers - Peg a Piece of Paper game

Play this fun game with a grown up or your brother/sister and see who can get the most pieces of paper in their cups. It’s a perfect activity for building strength of your fine motor skills and coordination. Anyone can play - the more the merrier (just make sure they don’t cheat, like Alfred!) Have fun :)

Funky Fingers - let’s write a letter!

In our Funky Fingers group, we have been writing to our classmates in Year R to find out all about them and to tell them things about ourselves. This activity is for EVERYONE! Why not write a letter to someone you haven’t seen in a long time - a friend, family member or teacher! I have uploaded some resources to the class page to assist you, but if you don’t have access to a printer, that’s ok, you can use a piece of writing paper! Take a photo and send it in, we’d love to see your handwriting practise!

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